6 glorious alpine passes

You will find 6 glorious alpine passes around the hotel for an exciting motorbike excursion!

A biker’s holiday with us promises:

  • Southern climate
  • Proximity to the sea
  • Carinthian friendliness
  • Central location


The pass is located 1,552m above sea level, and the road through the pass on the Austrian and Italian sides is passable all year. On the Austrian side, Carinthia’s largest skiing region is found at the height of the pass.

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The Wurzenpass is an alpine pass over the Karawanks between Carinthia in Austria and Slovenia. At an elevation of 1,073m, it is one of Slovenia’s lower passes.

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Windische Höhe

The Windische Höhe at an elevation of 1,110m is located on the border between the communities of St. Stefan and Paternion in Carinthia. This is where the Villach-Land and Hermagor districts meet.

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The Kreuzbergsattel or Kreuzberg is a 1,074m alpine pass in the Gailtaler Alps that run lengthwise through Upper Carinthia. A road joining the upper Drautal to the Gailtal runs over the pass.


The Gailbergsattel is a 981m alpine pass in Carinthia joining the communities of Oberdrauburg in the north and Kötschach-Mauthen in the south.

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The Plöckenpass at 1,357m is a pass in the Carnic Alps on the route from Kötschach-Mauthen in the Gailtal (Carinthia) to Timau in Friaul, Italy. From there, the road continues south to Tolmezzo and Udine.