Cooling off in the Nassfeld

While mountain lakes occur naturally, some lakes were created by humankind. Both offer perfect conditions to relax and unwind. Colourful plants bloom by the shore, trout inhabit the waters and cowbells ring in the distance. Enjoy your personal retreat on one of Carinthia’s countless lakes around the Hotel Garni Zerza in the beautiful Nassfeld.

Lakes near the Hotel Garni Zerza


Gorgeous, crystal clear and emerald green. That is the Weissensee in Carinthia. In the midst of the Gailtaler Alps and only about 30 min from the Hotel Garni Zerza, you are sure to find rest and relaxation at Europe’s highest swimming lake. 

The region around the Weissensee was awarded the “European Tourism and Environment Prize” and declared a nature park in 1995. Carinthia’s purest lake offers fun and swimming enjoyment for the whole family. Divers, cliff jumpers, wakeboard surfers and sailors are also welcome along with swimmers. Enjoy the best places while boating on the lake. During the winter months, the lake with an area of 6.5 m2 is Europe’s largest natural ice rink, regularly groomed by specialists. Some divers also brave the frozen Weissensee in winter each year, experiencing a very special adventure.

Inside tip: We highly recommend a 2-hour hike along the Weissensee to the eastern shore during your stay in the Nassfeld. Take the leisurely way back by boat and enjoy the scenery.

Pressegger See – Hermagor bathing beach

Get a running start, jump and plunge into the Gailtal’s bathtub. The Pressegger See, only 15 minutes from the Hotel Garni Zerza, is a paradise for water babies thanks to its warm temperature and crystal-clear waters. Numerous activities can be enjoyed on the Pressegger See. Everything from swimming and surfing to fishing awaits.

The Pressegger See is located directly adjacent to the border with Italy. Thanks to this location, it is among the warmest swimming lakes in all of Austria. Since its water comes from a spring, the lake is among the cleanest bodies of water in all of Europe. On hot days, you can cool off at one of several bathing beaches. With the +CARD holiday, provided during your stay at the Hotel Garni Zerza, you have free access to the Hermagor bathing beach.

Inside tip: An unhurried hike around the lake is a must for our guests. Magnificent views and stations for children along this trail with a length of about 6 km are sure to keep boredom at bay.

+CARD holiday

+CARD holiday

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More lakes worth visiting


The unmistakable Wörthersee is located 50 minutes away near the Italian and Slovenian border. Experience great events, exciting sports and picturesque locations year-round on Carinthia’s largest lake. No other lake in Carinthia has the dazzling turquoise colour of the Wörthersee. A deep blue, light green or brilliant turquoise is displayed depending on plant growth, the water depth and lime content.

Inside tip: Don’t miss the unique panorama of the Pyramidenkogel during your excursion to the Wörthersee. From the world’s tallest wooden lookout tower, you have a view over the entire length of the Wörthersee.

Millstätter See

Deep and clear – a warmed glacial lake from the Ice Age. That is the Millstätter See. With a depth of 141 m, it is Carinthia’s deepest lake with the largest water volume. The communities of Seeboden, Millstatt and Döbriach located north of the lake are ideal starting points for glorious hikes in the Nockberg mountains.

Inside tip: You can circle the Millstätter See on a dedicated cycling trail in about 2 hours. Discover hidden places around the lake and enjoy unique landscapes.

Ossiacher See

The Ossiacher See is Carinthia’s third-largest lake. Numerous anglers and divers come to the lake every year. Surfers, sailors and water skiers are welcome as well. The manybathing beaches offer rest and relaxation along with action and adventure for young and old. There is no boredom here.

Inside tip: The Ossiachersee cycling trail around the lake is a lovely route for biking through picturesque scenery. How about a cycling tour, cooling off in the Ossiacher See and then a cosy evening spent barbecuing at the Hotel Garni Zerza?