Breakfast at the foot of the Nassfeld

The breakfast buffet at the Hotel Garni Zerza is really special. It is the most important meal of the day and should be taken at leisure. Invigorating you for the remainder of the day, it is amply enjoyed. A fresh and fragrant coffee – perhaps with foamed milk – is naturally offered. If coffee is not your preference, a large selection of regional juices or tea is also available.

The heavenly breakfast menu is available to you daily from 7 am to 10 am, to your heart’s content.

Our breakfast menu

  • Large selection of cheeses produced with milk from the region.
  • Generous choice of sausages produced in Carinthia and the Styria.
  • Boiled eggs laid by happy hens at the local Berger farm
  • Fresh, seasonal fruit plate
  • Fresh vegetables from regional organic farmers
  • Milk and yoghurt from regional farmers
  • Various types of cereal in our cereal corner
  • Fresh sweets daily

Gluten-free and lactose-free products are also available on request.

5 reasons why breakfast is so important

1. Energy for the day

While we sleep, maintenance is performed on our body at top speed. The brain in particular consumes a lot of energy at night. Carbohydrates, protein and vitamins in the morning are important to ensure that the body does not get tired and listless during the day.

2. Improved concentration

After a tasty and balanced breakfast, your concentration is much better.

3. Breakfast is slimming

When sated, we are less likely to fall into the snacking trap. Therefore, three meals at intervals of four to five hours make sense.

4. The body needs 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

When you start your day with freshly pressed juice or a fruit plate, you are already getting 1-2 servings.

5. Basis for a good mood

A low blood sugar level leads to a bad mood. Get a good start to the day by providing your brain with sufficient nutrients.

Additional offers at the Hotel Garni Zerza

After an strenuous hike or pleasant hours on the lake, you can let the day draw to a close with a barbecue in our ample garden. The Zerza family is happy to provide everything you need for your private grilling party. Our fireplace can also be used for bread on a stick or toasting marshmallows on mild summer nights.

Andi’s Café Bar managed by Gerhard’s son serves snacks and other delicacies including toast, fine pizza and baguette. What’s more, our guests at the Hotel Garni Zerza get a 10% discount.