Wellness at the Hotel Garni Zerza

Rest and relaxation are guaranteed in our wellness facilities at the Hotel Garni Zerza. Our ample quiet room offers relaxation at the highest level. The calming lighting and loungers allow you to really unwind and get away from the everyday for a few moments. What could be better than truly relaxing after a day of hiking or skiing?

Enjoy a special recuperation experience on heated benches and loungers in the tepidarium. A tepidarium is a heated room with very dry air, providing you with beneficial downtime. Did you know? Spending 2 hours in the tepidarium is as good as 8 hours of deep sleep.

    The steam bath with a relatively low temperature of around 50°C is also great for rest and relaxation. A high relative humidity of nearly 100% is the secret. The steam bath is particularly popular among female wellness guests thanks to its beauty and restorative effects.



    Relaxation with our massages in the Hotel Garni Zerza.

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    This is what our sauna area offers:

    • dry sauna
    • infrared sauna
    • steam sauna
    • Tepidarium
    • rest room
    • Heated benches and loungers

    Opening hours

    Our wellness area is available to you daily from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    In bad weather already from 3:00 p.m.

    Reasons to visit the wellness facilities

    1. You have time to enjoy the serenity for ultimate relaxation.

    2. Your mind turns off – you only think of yourself and your body.

    3. A visit to the wellness facilities strengthens you and your immune system.

    4. Take the opportunity to get away from the everyday for a few moments.

    5. In winter, you are sure to be warm in the wellness facilities.

    We provide you with sauna towels free of charge. Bathrobes are available on request for a fee.