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Booking: Summer season

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Hiking holiday at Nassfeld

The Nassfeld in Carinthia is the starting point for more than 1,000 km of hiking trails. From leisurely strolls to challenging summit tours, there is something for everyone. The Gailtal Alps with gently rolling hills and the Carnic Alps with jagged peaks and challenging routes offer the necessary variety for a hiker’s day.

Some routes extend beyond Austria’s borders, namely into the beautiful neighbouring country of Italy.  Countless mountain lakes offer refreshment during your tour, bringing you closer to nature. And who knows! Perhaps you will find the unique Ice Age flower Wulfenia that attracts botanists from around the world every year, who come to photograph and marvel at this plant.

A visit to the farmed alpine pastures is always worth a hike. With a bit of luck, some Gailtaler bacon and alpine cheese await you as a snack in addition to magnificent vistas. You can feel the Italian atmosphere as you approach the border to Italy. Delicious regional wines are offered for your enjoyment at some of the lodges.

Holidays with the Zerza family

Outstanding offers are waiting for you at the bed and breakfast in Tröpolach, both in summer and winter. The rooms and holiday homes are just a few minutes from the house on foot, making them a perfect starting point for your hike with the whole family. The ample breakfast buffet featuring natural, regional products prepared fresh every day with great love ensures a good start to the day. If you have question about hikes and other concerns, the Zerza family is of course always ready to help.

Tips for your hike

Roving is not only the miller’s delight. Both hikers and mountain climbers get their money’s worth in the Nassfeld. There are some tips you should observe.

  • Start slowly!

Especially as a beginner, it is easy to overdo things. Long distances are not only strenuous, they can also make you lose your love of hiking. A shorter route in the vicinity is good for a start.

  • The right equipment

Solid footwear and a backpack are the most important things you need for hiking. Dressing in layers is highly recommended so you are prepared for any weather.

  • Have fun

Fun and enjoyment speed you on your hike. Enjoy the view and lust for life when you reach the peak and know you are doing something good for your health. Keep this in mind and get your loved ones together. That way, hiking is sure to be enjoyable.

  • Take breaks

Taking sufficient breaks is important, especially on hot days. Whole grain products, fruit, nuts and cereal bars are perfect food for the trail.